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Posted: September 29, 2014 in Politics

Since the SCOTUS majority laying open the minefield of “corporate personhood”, we have seen corporations go from silent entities on paper, largely used to shield the owners/investors from personal liability and responsibility for their personal actions, to a virtual human being… except with more rights than the average human being, because the corporation cannot be incarcerated, executed, or made to serve jury duty, or compelled to serve in the armed forces.

They can now, however, have free speech, donate untold sums to political campaigns and to fund hate projects with corporate funding specifically designed to promote the denial of liberty and equal rights to certain people, deny employees the liberty to exercise their equal rights under the guise of corporate religious identity, force the owner’s religious beliefs on its employees (and in doing so violate their employees own actual religious rights).

We have the current news story about one of the bakers facing fines for violation of state and federal laws, and violating the legal, moral, and ethical obligations they have to serve the public at large.

There is no such thing as a “Christian Baker”… unless they’ve named a pastry “Christian” a’la Bismarcks and Napoleons? I mean does she bake Christian pastries or pastries called Christians? No.

She is of a particular religious belief… fine. No one takes issue with her on that. She is welcome to it… no one is impeding that whatsoever.

She has also chosen freely to take her source of pay from the secular public wallet, by virtue of her secular public business license. She has signed and agreed too of her own free will and accord, what amounts to a legal document to “Render unto Caesar”.  Caesar being me, you, or any other public person who steps in off the sidewalk and offers her legal tender for her advertised goods and/or services.

She has a legal. moral and ethical obligation to service each and every customer who walks in during her normal business hours equally and without prejudice..  That in and of its essence is her very business’ raison d’etre.

Her willingness to open a publicly licensed business and sign on the line for that government license to dip into the wallets of the general public at-large walking in off the sidewalk, is a legal, moral, and ethical covenant between her, the government of we the people, and we the general public at-large.

As long as I enter during her normal business hours and request an item listed in her ads and on her menus, she has zero grounds to serve the 10 people in front of me, the 10 people behind me and then force her religion on me within the public sphere, when I walk up to the counter and present legal tender for an advertised product or service by denying me her advertised product. That is a clear breach of her business license and the implied contract she has with me under the terms of that license to provide me with an equal product.

No one, neither I, nor the government are “forcing” her to do a damn thing. We are not banging on her house door at 3:00 AM demanding she open her business outside of her posted normal hours. Nor are we demanding a product or a service which she does not advertise as being readily available during her normal business day. The only force involved is her forcing her religion into the public sphere and using her force to other me and disrupt my life and deny me my legal due.

She had a clear choice… she could easily have sought a license as a private, paid members only club and limited her paid memberships to those who believe as she does. That would easily have solved any of her issues with selling her wares to the general public at large. I suspect that she chose otherwise because the limitations of only serving people who are cookie-cutters of yourself day-in-day-out would likely not prove as lucrative a venture as sucking the bucks out of the public wallet at will.

Alternately, if she doesn’t wish to sell wedding cakes to certain people, she could have simply declared that she only bakes doughnuts, crullers, non-descript cupcakes and cakes, birthday cakes, bismarcks, napoleons, cannoli, fruit pies, etc. But NO wedding cakes… no way, no how… for ANYONE. Again, problem of having a public license and yet not wanting to serve the public she is licensed to serve… solved.

Her website says: “We design your cake the way you want it, colors, theme, and different types of decorations. The cake is always moist and the filling is always awesome.”

Stop playing the “victim” and either scratch ALL wedding cakes from your menus or start baking them for ALL customers.



Those who know me on social media, know that I keep my politics to other pages.  If I am going to post a political rant, I go elsewhere because my widely diverse friends and family encompass a broad swath of politics, ideologies, and preferences. 

Sometimes though, I find something so absurdly petty and ridiculous that I need to be able to see the humor in it when reflected against the grave issues facing the USA and the world today.

My dad was in the Navy, My uncle Phil the Army, My dad’s friends were in the Army, Army Air Corps, Marines, My cousin was Air Force.  I spent a period of my life in the early 1970’s on a US Army base, including some difficult/risky stuff.  I worked many years in state public safety with a military structure and many veterans as co-workers.  One of my best friends was US Coast Guard, another US Navy, US Army, USMC, Air Force.  I do comprehend discipline and protocol.  I get it… I respect it.

That said, I’m pretty darn upset over this whole pumpkin-spice latte salute debacle.

I mean was he supposed to stick it in his pocket?  That damn thing was like a friggin’ Venti for crying out loud!

First of all, if I’m elected, it’ll be a caramel macchiato – venti… None of this pumpkin-spice stuff! Secondly, whoever the hell is in charge of welcoming me to s**t damn well better have the presence of mind to send a third guy to the steps to grab my macchiato so I can salute the other two, or at least put a cup holder on the steps… something, somewhere…  I mean, the pockets (if any) on my clothing these days are teensy-tiny.  If I stick a quarter in the pocket of my tight jeans, 15 cents is showing… So my pockets are out, and I’m not going to chance a macchiato going critical mass when dropped inside my nice Fendi bag.

Because you know if I said “screw it” and pitched the latte onto the runway in order to salute, tomorrow’s conservative news headlines would read “President Lilith pitches tax-payer funded caramel macchiato venti on runway!” and the liberal news would be all up in arms about President Lilith’s atrocious Venti cup littering and how she is bad for the environment.

In thinking about it, I could turn to one if the honor guards and say “Hold my macchiato, please.” and then hand it off, salute the other one… rinse and repeat.  Except that I need to get to my office and catch up on other non-protocol stuff like, oh… I don’t know… the fact that we have bombs dropping somewhere?  Also, what if they’re the same rank, but whichever media outlets hate me the most that week, find out that I saluted the least senior one first?  Unforgivable.

I mean WTF???  We never saw ANY former presidents pull that goofy “half-arsed” sort of, but not quite a salute”… like, like while holding a dog or something…  *cough*.  Because y’know every former president had his s**t together, like 24/7/365 right?  So if I were to Google say “George W Dog Salute”, nothing embarrassing would turn up right?

Oh and please remind me to purchase a Gloucester storm slicker and sou’wester if elected, because <insert deities of choice> forbid, someone from the military on duty should hold my umbrella?   Because you wouldn’t see anyone but President Obama if you Googled “President military umbrella”… Like oh say Presidents Eisenhower, Reagan, George Bush, Sr and George Bush, Jr and maybe presidential “wannabee” Senator McCain?  Right?

You know who I blame for all of this stuff?  JFK!  That’s right, JFK and his stupid “no hat” policy.  See up through Eisenhower, presidents wore big hats.  I mean Abe… Abe could have stashed a venti macchiato plus a whole meal under that stovepipe hat!  Ike could have tucked that latte and probably some cinnamon rolls and a small quiche under his big hat.  Come to think of it… Ike, WTF with the military umbrellas dude?  I mean where was your big hat that day?  So yeah, Jack I’m handing that one off to you brother.

The president whose words I think of most when these faux scandals hit ANY president, is FDR. “…They are unanimous in their hate for me—and I welcome their hatred.”

In closing: If nominated, I shall run.  If elected I shall serve.  There will be humor and plenty of material for the comedians.

Also macchiato… and quiche.

– Lilith