Posted: September 8, 2012 in History, Humor, Politics
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It’s late, I am juggling a number of writing, and audio-visual blog/vlog formats.  My topics will cover a broad range of experiences and a vast expanse of time, history, viewpoints, facts, opinions, and generally humorous details of my life and the experiences I have had and continue to have.  Anyway, welcome to (one of) my blogs.  I began on the old Live Journal and MySpace and moved with most friends to Facebook, and also have some presence on Google Plus.

My areas of coverage vary with my likes and loves.  I am not your typical blogger with a one-sided platform.  Most of what I discuss is from several directions and viewpoints.  You may agree with me or disagree with me.  In which case we will agree to disagree and drop the topic or you will take your anger elsewhere.  Basically, “freedom of speech” (free as in speech, not as in beer) applies to what the federal government cannot do to you on YOUR turf to abridge your right to say whatever.  Here on MY turf, you do not have that same right.  You have a privilege of disagreeing with me and arguing from a strong basis in facts as I am always open to changing my views in the light of new facts.  Become abusive, condescending, or disrespectful and you will be gone so fast your head will spin.

Topics of vital interest to me these days are: Human Rights, LGBT Rights, Women’s Rights, History, Medical, Scientific, and Genetics Advances and Breakthroughs, Antique Anything, Mechanical Devices, Vehicles, Legal Precedents, Health Care, Food and Nutrition, Travel, Dining and Cuisine, Architecture, Home Decor, Photography, Art, Writing, Technology, Computers, IT, Video Games, All Genres of Music, Family, and any other topic I deem to be of interest.

Sometimes I am quite serious, other times I am in a humorous mood.  I am fairly easy to get along with either way.  I look forward to developing a rapport with a regular group of readers as we go along here.  Feel free to ask questions or propose topics for discussion.



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